how to reduce infection covid-19

in line with scientist’s advice we need to keep away from each other in order to minimize the airborne germs or viruses infection .

three golden rules will help us to minimize the infection risk

1.face mask ;would initially stops the water droplet coming out from mouth or nose as speak or sneeze therefore we need to keep our face is covered mask or bandana and high end quality face mask or ppe would give you almost 98% filtration accuracy or more as long as used in correct way and disposed properly. we keep yourself away from each other you are also minimizing the risk of infection by not entering an area most likely have the covid-19 virus and try not to have direct contact with any surface it is because covid-19 can survive several days depending on what is the material being used metal ,wood,plastic etc.

3. hygiene:the most important rule to follow is hygienic way of cleaning our face and most frequently used hands which having constant connection almost every surface phones,papers,cars etc.

That’s why you need to use a solution that produced at most effective way of cleansing your skin in order to protect you from covid-19 virus.

How to dispose your ppe?

the materials being used in ppe equipments can host the virus that’s why after you have used your masks or etc you need to take it of carefully and bin it safely .

After you took out the ppe avoid touching your eye’s,mouth and nose it’s because in those three areas you may get infected so therefore clean your hands before you may a contact on your face.

remember face space hygiene!

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